En Beige


- Created in residence at Lake Studios Berlin, January 2016.
- Performed at Unfinished Fridays Vol.24 at Lake Studios Berlin, February 2016.
- Performed at Yorkshire Dance for 'Bend It' curated by Amy Bell, July 2016.
- Performed at Guest Projects, October 2016.
- Performed at Adelaide Fringe, February 2017 (Best Dance Commendation).

En Beige unveils a relentless world of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled flat-pack fantasies. Actions of building and unbuilding offer accessible ways into queering the structures of societal homogeneity. Everything is suspended between the microcosmic and cosmic; Michael and Eve’s relationship as queers sharing a room combatting routine and desire. These identity borders are manifesting through this work, which makes it potently gendered and somewhat autobiographical.

State of the Arts Review by Amanda Wignall

Reflections from Jamila Johnson-Small

Reflections from Sara Sassanelli

Short video from Intercontinental Drifts #2 at Tripspace, 2017.

Trailer 2016: Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin