- Developed in residence at Barangay South Kensington by Inventory Platform, January 2017.
- Further development at Yorkshire Dance 24/7 Summer residency, August 2017.
- Performed at 'Lost Senses' at Guest Projects, curated by Linda Rocco, August 2017.
- Performed at Steakhouse Live's Tender Loin #11 at Toynbee Studios (Arts Admin), November 2017.
- Performed at GUSH Vol3, hosted by Last Yearz Interesting Negro, December 2017.
- Performed at Somerset House Studios for inneru, with Monsur Mansoor, January 2018.
- Performed at Physarum Borax curated by Ella Fleck and Bryony James at Platform Southwark. Joined by Fernanda Munoz-Newsome and ERSATZ, October 2018.
- Performed at inneru at The Yard. Joined by Rowdy SS and Nitetrax.

LOW KEY involves The Uncollective and Sara Sassanelli working to unpack judgement within a performance space through their dancing bodies. By acknowledging that their bodies hold different experiences, histories, needs, pleasures, structures and boundaries they are interested in engaging with the idea of ‘the untrained’ to propose a space of movement as inbetweenness. We use music as a vehicle into moving, dancing and ultimately celebrating a realm of desire and satisfaction. 

LOW KEY wants to lower the stakes of what a performance space might normally hold. The Uncollective are using Sara to lower the stakes of their dance practice. Sara is using The Uncollective to make it okay to be watched while dancing. 

We want to use the space to dance

We want to use the space to explore togetherness and aloneness

We want to use the space to mix/ loop music and create soundscapes that inspire us to move

We want to exist as moving people in a low key way.

We want to lower the stakes of what a future performance of this exploration might be/ look like

Maybe there is a little bit of impostor syndrome in this.

Documentary: Fayomi Fash for Artraits

Watch interview with The Uncollective and Sara from 4:31

Trailer footage: Monsur Mansoor, Michael Kitchin and Sara Sassanelli.
Edit: Sara Sassanelli.

Trailer footage: Eve Stainton, Michael Kitchin and Sara Sassanelli.
Edit: Sara Sassanelli.