Project Montreal Shorts


Exhibition of five short films at Project Vivant, Montreal, November 2014.

Concept/curation: Eve Stainton and Sorcha Stott-Strzala.

The project was an investigation into collaboration and decision making. We asked 5 Montreal based artists with different practices to collaborate with us on a film project. We worked with each artist under a time limit of four days to conceive, shoot and edit the footage into a short. 

The project then became an attempt to arrive together quickly at an agreeable place. This pushing and pulling of thoughts under the pressure of time created an unnerving relentlessness to achieve satisfaction, a place where one can learn a lot about ones own practice and tendencies, insecurities and intrigue.

This was presented in an installation at Project Vivant, Montreal. Each work was shown in a different way; large 2 channel video projection, headphones and a television set, large projection onto fabric, small window projection from VHS camera, projected video loop onto the wall.

Collaborating artists: Jason Auger, Emily GanAdam KinnerAndrea PeńaAndrew Tay.

We discussed internet aesthetics, tumblr trends and the connotations of objects in film. ‘Hotdogs or legs’ blog came up an unnatural amount during conversation, thus becoming our agreed stimulus. We worked with Andrew for the first day and used this as inspiration for the remaining 3 days of filming and editing. This meant our following conversations became intrinsic to the outcome. How can we have a satisfying process in the partial absence of a collaborator?


Inspiration came from thoughts to do with movement in film and how to make this work, or not. Bodies in space and how to avoid narrative depictions. The idea of traces left behind from movement. Perception was an interesting focus. Our first filming session happened on day 2. This meant we were limited to this footage and the challenge became to manipulate it into an outcome that fitted our original plan. A mysterious focus. Sound invoked a playful discussion.

Us at a breakfast table, eating breakfast over 7 consecutive shots, each depicting another day, with odd things happening at the same time. Heavily influenced by Celine Dion on panpipes. Jason’s VHS camera. Quentin, the beautiful baby. Communication was a big learning curve within this process. Jason shot and edited and we re-edited.