Slug Horizon: Performing Intimacies

🔥slug horizons🔥
eve stainton and florence peake

- Sharing of research at Hotline, hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli. Health Mate Cafe, July 2017.
- Sharing of research at Siobhan Davies Dance for Summons, curated by Nicola Conibere. August 2017.
- Roundtable discussion at the Royal Academy of Arts entitled ‘Friendship, attraction, collaboration: performing intimacies’. November 2017.
- Research residency at Lake Studios Berlin, December 2017.
- Research residency at Kinitiras Athens, January 2018.
- Research and performance for PS/Y's 'Hysteria' programme at Cooltan Arts, February 2018.
- Performance at The Place for 'Splayed Festival: An Eruption of Disruptive Femininities' curated by Amy Bell, June 2018.

This on-going collaborative project explores the expressive potentialities of women’s bodies through intimacy, touch and collective reclaiming. Promoting an emotional landscape of bravery in response to restrictive normative attitudes to the sensual and visceral body, 'Slug Horizons' enquires into the marginalised affection, sexuality, power and energies within the intimate bodies of women. Using the work as a metaphor for non monogamy, they pull on the absurd management of their relationship. A continuous physical and psychological negotiation unfolds to transverse complex relational terrain.

Our practice is rooted in movement prioritising the queer lesbian experience, the sensual as a way of communicating complexity of intimacy. We are interested in blurring the private world of relationships and how they extend into public spheres to create politically charged spaces for vulnerability as protest against normative oppression.