Slug Horizon: Performing Intimacies



Women and Slugs.
Engineering a performance of intimacy.
Eve Stainton and Florence Peake.
- Sharing of research at Hotline, hosted by Jamila Johnson-Small and Sara Sassanelli. Health Mate Cafe, July 2017.
- Sharing of research at Siobhan Davies Dance for Summons, curated by Nicola Conibere. August 2017.
- Roundtable discussion at the Royal Academy of Arts entitled ‘Friendship, attraction, collaboration: performing intimacies’. November 2017.

The blurry regions inside sex and intimacy that catalyse a fantastical landscape of desires. Peake and Stainton are engaged in physical and emotional manifestations of these desires, slipping between something they have come to recognise as a ‘natural’ sexual way of being together, interspersed with a series of amplified movement explorations. It is enquiring when this becomes the dance (a display). It is engaging in the fetish, the homo-normative, the surreal, the power trip, the objectification, fantasy and friendship, intimidation, the emotional woman, the obsession/fixation, the sensual, THE SLUGS.

'Women and Slugs’ is driven by a political desire to make a kind of marginalised affection/ intimacy/ vulnerability visible. Florence Peake and Eve Stainton are enquiring into the restrictive heteronormative attitudes to sexualised bodies, non monogamous bodies, the intimate bodies of two women, the shame, repression and power within those bodies, and an emotional landscape promoting bravery.

This project is in early stages of development.