15/03/15 Neat Timothy, Eve

Photo: Jamie McCarthy

Photo: Jamie McCarthy

'The Return of Neat Timothy' by Seke Chimutengwende, Gareth Green, Jane Leaney, Rick Nodine, Gabriele Reuter, Bryony Perkins and Jamie McCarthy
Studio 9, The Place, London
15 March 2015

Improv-ish Thoughts

Something refreshing. To make a decision in the moment, an art form in itself.

I came away from Neat Timothy’s reunion performance at The Place last night charged with questions and wonderings of what it means to make a choice; to pursue an idea, to disregard, test, commit, agree, act, challenge, oppose, leave, wait, or engage? And all with the potential to ruin.

This is a weighty affair.

The responsibility to act on impulse is a mischievous devil, something that requires the highest form of awareness and tact, but even if you constantly exist in this realm of heightened being, how do you know to trust said impulse, without feeling completely responsible? Neat Timothy didn’t seem to get bogged down by such potentially inhibiting thoughts. It was all going on. I entered the dreamy action pod and was instantly injected with what felt like a new capacity to perceive; in fact I felt hungry for the challenge to match them, which quickly developed into an overwhelming urge to join in.  

The super humans of choice, they’ve got it down. It’s working when it’s not working, in fact it’s working better when it’s not working, (‘working’, whatever that means, I guess used here in a selfish way of something pleasing or satisfying to me?) Perhaps this is because it’s in the ‘not working’ that we get to witness modified impulse at its best, an infectious craft of clever tact. There is something so fascinating in watching the process of active decision making. They offered their thoughts generously, to witness their fuck-ups and fluke harmonies that probably weren’t fluke, to create a place of exciting tension. What struck hardest was that they allowed the space for time. Time to run with a thought until it just about dies in order to challenge the dimensions of their capacity for trust. For me, this is the moment of tingly admiration. Trust in themselves and one another. I guess the responsibility idea from earlier, of making independent choices, was actually quite a naive way to approach thoughts on a group improvisation. Group is a purposeful word here and sort of makes me realise that even if decisions are being made individually, it is a group responsibility, or trust, for the greater good of their fluid hybrid being, ‘Neat Timothy’. And how neat Timothy is.