18/04/15 Of Land and Tongue, Eve

'Of Land and Tongue' by Theo Clinkard
The Place Theatre, London
18 April 2015

So I hadn’t planned to write about this, but the aftermath is still swimming round at the front of my lungs fluttering and seeking attention. I think I’ve been affected.

‘Of Land and Tongue’, by Theo Clinkard, had me hurtling through emotional states, unapologetically using heart string formulas, but without seeming cheesy and predictable. I can’t help but feel in awe of craft that holds confidence in using elements that provoke emotion in this way. The honesty here made me think a lot about pretension. I was completely overcome with excitement during a particular section towards the end that seemed to be celebratory of everything that had happened along the way, with the wonderful dancers choreographically jamming to an infectious beat created by James Keane, the room was full of honesty. I’m not sure this feeling can be truly achieved when an air of pretentiousness is lingering. It made me thankful, and actually, overwhelmingly joyous.

I think it allowed me to write differently too.

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