06/03/15 OPENLAB, Eve

To Change the Atmosphere: Is This Possible?

Antonio de la Fe’s OPENLAB studio session
6 March 2015

Perhaps it is in the act of trying that something shifts in how one approaches this idea.

On March 6th, we strived to change the atmosphere. Not only to shape or choreograph the space, although this might have appeared to be the case, but to physically change the scientific make up of the room. A heavy task. But in trying to deeply understand this notion, I feel we got closer to it.

This began with acknowledging a sense of atmosphere inside us, the atmosphere within the body. What drives us to move, or just to remain upright suspended against gravity, how our thoughts meet inside.

We built up this idea by moving however we felt. For me, this brought up the question of judgment within recognising repetition of my own movement patterns. Antonio offered that to move with this frustration, is practising the same task, how you feel. Together, we followed Antonio’s thoughts to embrace natural pathways and open the mind to a place of receiving and offering. After all, we don’t know if changing a body’s atmosphere is a feasible task. But there’s something in this thought that makes me wonder about the choreographic or compositional nature of humans within societal groups, within countries, within the earth’s atmosphere. Could the term ‘creatures of habit’ be challenged with ‘creatures of composition’, in that we find solace in familiarity, but thrive on change?

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

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